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With our “Private Chef”, we transport an unforgettable gastronomic experience into your house, villa or boat.

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Satisfied customers


“Creative, professional and with great charisma, rich flavors and spectacular presentation.

PD: the wine pairing was great.

A magician in the kitchen!”


“For Christmas my husband rented an amazing house in Soller, we were getting ready to celebrate our 35th anniversary, so we contacted So Cool Catering and we found a punctual and professional team with good energy and the desire to do it well, what a banquet, how much creativity, what beautiful presentations, what flavours!!!!

Thanks, @Socoolcatering, you made the anniversary to be as special as we wanted and an unforgettable day!”


“We wanted to hire a catering service to celebrate my wife’s birthday, among the catering proposals that we received, So Cool Catering one we thought was the best. It was a wise decision, their team of professionals made the night for us, everything was up to par, each dish was spectacular, the wine pairing, the tuna, the lamb was one of the best I have ever tasted and the desserts were amazing.

Thank you Chef for such a special moment!”


“We spent an excellent evening with friends. SoCool Catering’s signature cuisine and first-class service provided by their team were a delightful experience that we would like to repeat again.

Thanks for such a wonderful evening!”


“Great service, on time and professional.

We will book with them again!

This was truly one of the most memorable nights of our Majorcan holidays. We were able to enjoy bubbly drinks in the garden of our villa while the chef and his assistant prepared the most delicious meals. Our eating area was outdoors, on the patio under a pergola where we were finally able to enjoy a great restaurant-style.

I highly recommend it!!”


“The Chefs were very friendly and professional, they arrived just in time, the food was very well presented and they served us at the table even though there were 12 of us.

They lest the kitchen spotless after dinner!

Excellent choice!!!”

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